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We are a North American startup formed when a long time guitarist and engineer decided that every strap lock system had a significant downside somewhere in the aesthetics or functionality and decided that something better was possible. It doesn't seem right to spend a significant amount to get your perfect instrument that has the desired tone, feel, and looks, then use some flawed, ugly, pewter piece of junk to prevent that instrument falling and getting damaged.

I've used various other strap locks and have had them fail more often than not. Having to get out a tool to re-tighten got old and if they are failing at a gig, what's the point? Found these and not only do the look amazing, I have had 0 issues. I put them through their paces and they didn't even seem like they loosened at all. Highly recommend. I use a couple of leather straps, the connector thread is a little short for them. Took some work to get the reverse thread cap to attach at first. It feels like these were made with the very thin cloth strap ends in mind. So if you use a padded, or leather strap, they will work, but you are going to have to press down the leather and use some elbow grease to get them on.

Tabor Smith
Fan Freaking Tastic

They’re bad ass! I think they’re somewhat of a more permanent solution to strap locks as they aren’t as quick to come on and off, but I honestly think your selling point is the aesthetic. They looking fucking rad!

Tim Markle

Death Grip strap locks are a fresh take on an old problem. Now I really have no excuse to not being doing guitar spins on stage.

Ryan 'Fluff' Bruce
Riffs, Beards, and Gear

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