About Us

We are a startup formed when a long time guitarist and engineer decided that every strap lock system had a significant downside somewhere in the aesthetics or functionality and decided that something better was possible. It doesn't seem right to spend a significant amount to get your perfect instrument that has the desired tone, feel, and looks, then use some flawed, ugly, pewter piece of junk to prevent that instrument falling and getting damaged. Don't put costume jewelry on your beauty, she deserves better, show her you care. 

"For 30 years of playing instruments on and off the stage every brand of strap lock has come up short. From worn ball bearings failing, protruding knobs snapping off and forcing removal of the lock with an angle grinder, ugliness, to forcing me to use a different strap or permanently altering my instrument. Nothing has been good enough. We have engineered our perfect strap locks to be the highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing. If your instrument could talk it would be begging for a set of Death Grip Strap Locks." Blair Hacche, Owner.

Death Grip Strap Locks on Riffs, Beards, and Gear YouTube channel